"Bagging" secrets help you waxing painful vacuum hair

1. Exfoliate before waxing your feet

Facial exfoliation before waxing is extremely important because it helps to waxing effectively and does not cause pain, as the feet are now softened and cleansed of all dirt and the skin has been horny. Rough, hard

2. Apply a moisturizer to the feet before waxing

You should apply a layer of moisturizer on your feet after exfoliating to keep your skin soft. If the dry skin is dry it will be very painful in the process of waxing hair.

“Bỏ túi” bí quyết giúp bạn waxing lông chân không đau 3

Apply moisturizer before waxing your feet

3. Proper foot waxing techniques

The fact that you do not know how hair wax causes your skin to hurt, causing pain. Especially the waxing sisters first need attention: use the heat wax, quality patches, peeling the fast hand in reverse with the hair grows (should tug, fast hand).

4. Do not apply moisturizer after waxing feet

After waxing you should not apply moisturizer because it may clog your pores, make the hair grow backward or cause acne to boil. After the hair wax, if skin irritation, then apply a rose water to soothe the skin.

5. After 3 - 4 weeks of new hair waxing

“Bỏ túi” bí quyết giúp bạn waxing lông chân không đau 5Waxing should be done after 3-4 weeks to be effective and safe with the skin

Often, waxing of the feet is effective longer than measures such as shaving or using effective whitening creams. Therefore, do not waxing too soon when your new pubic hair has become swollen, which can be painful and counterproductive. At least 3-4 weeks after you should repeat the waxing process.

6. Protect your skin after waxing your legs

After waxing the skin is often very sensitive so it is essential that you protect your feet thoroughly. Especially need to shield and apply sunscreen when out in the sun.

In addition to foot waxing, leg waxing is painless.

The pain is unavoidable when waxing on foot. So what solution does not help you pain when removing leg hairs anymore? New E-light light technology is a solution to permanently remove leg hair, ensuring absolute safety for the skin.

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